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FALL 2019

Practical (OCT-DEC) & Theory Exam (Nov 2)


  1. If you are taking the Fall 2019 (practical or theory) exam, please enter the info below.

  2. After we have received your registration, we will process the exam fee using your credit card on file.

  3. Registration period is July 25 - August 8. (This form will be closed on August 8.)

  4. For Practical Exam:

    • Exam will be held during weekdays from 8am-5pm

    • Exam will take place at CSMA (Mountain View)

  5. For Theory Exam:

    • Exam will be held on November 2nd, 2019, Saturday (Time: TBA)

    • Exam will take place at California State University East Bay Hayward Campus

  6. Please review ABRSM Withdrawals Policy.

  7. If you have any questions, please contact

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