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Fall 2018 - for teachers

Practical (OCT - DEC) & Theory Exam (November 3rd)


  1. If you have any students taking the Fall 2018 (practical or theory) exam, please enter their info below.  
  2. Opus 1 will then to follow up with the parents to confirm their registration.  
  3. Registration period is August 1 - August 12.  (This form will be closed on August 12.)
  4. If you have any questions, please contact
  5. Please be sure to communicate the following to the students/parents:
    • Exam will be held during weekdays from 8am-5pm
    • Practical Exam will take place at CSMA (Mountain View)
    • Please review ABRSM Withdrawals Policy
  6. To view your submitted form, please CLICK HERE.
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Student's Name
If a student is at 50% readiness for the exam, we will recommend them to sign up for the SPRING 2019 exam.