Change of availability

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The following form is required for all changes to current teaching availability. This does not apply to new availability, it is only for current times. Please note the following:

  1. Change requests must be submitted 30 days in advance

  2. Teachers must maintain at least 6 hours of availability for each teaching day, unless otherwise approved by Opus 1. Less than this may risk removal from that teaching day

  3. Verbal communications or email communications regarding requests are not accepted. All requests must be done using this form. Talking to administrative staff does not equal a request and it will not be documented or acknowledged unless submitted using this form

  4. Communication with admin staff, students, parents, and colleagues is not permitted regarding your Change of Availability Request until it has been approved and you’ve been told it’s now okay to share that information with others.

The following form is the first step of your request. This involves the understanding and consent of the terms under which changes in availability will be made per your offer letter, contract, contract amendments or all the above. Please note that any requests with a "no" response to any of the below will not be approved unless under extenuating circumstances approved by all members of the Opus 1 administration.

1. Mandatory Teaching Hours *
Opus 1 requires a minimum of 6 hours of teaching availability per day and stipulates this in all contracts. Teachers who fail to meet this requirement are at risk of either the day being completely transferred to another teacher, or have their entire contract terminated. Do you consent to this policy?
2. Total Teaching Hours *
Will your new availability meet the 5-hour requirement per day necessary for each day of teaching?
3. Reason *
Is this request a result of an emergency, medical requirement, relocation, change in transportation or living situation, or other critically unavoidable change in availability?
4. Affect on Students *
Opus 1 cares about our students and places a priority on their well-being and a high standard of their education, which includes maintaining their teacher. Changes in availability often require the transfer of students to another teacher and this is not only a hardship on the school and the administration, but more on the students and their families. Are you prepared for this?
By typing my full name below, I am agreeing to the accuracy of my responses above and am officially submitting my initial request for change of availability. I will complete the additional form below with the details of my request to complete the request application.

The following form is the provision of all details necessary to process your request. This is the final form. After completing this form, a member of the Opus 1 administration will be in touch with you to discuss your request.

Name *
Day(s) *
Please select the day(s) this change request applies to. Please Note: If the start/end times are different for each day, you will need to submit a separate form for each day.
Effective Date *
Effective Date