My First Piano (Ages 5-7)

My First Piano Group Class is a 12-week beginner piano class specifically designed for students with no musical experience. Students will learn to play simple tunes on the piano. Each lesson will include solfege singing, keyboard playing, note reading, rhythm ensembles, ear training and homework. The goal of the class is to prepare students to continue with private lessons. 

At the end of My First Piano, all students have an opportunity to schedule One 30-minute Private Lesson with any of our Teachers!


MFP Workbook:    Piano Time & Worksheets

MFP Workbook:
Piano Time & Worksheets

Lesson Book

Lesson Book

Activity Book

Activity Book

Hello Song


Weekly Homework

Week 1
Keyboard: Lesson book p. 8-9
Writing:    Activity book p. 3-4, 6-9

Week 2
Keyboard: Lesson book p. 10-11
Writing:    Activity book p. 12, 19 - Find “C”
                 Worksheet: 1-2

Week 3
Keyboard: Lesson book p. 12-13
Keyboard: Piano Time 1: F-D Friends
Writing:    Activity book p. 13, 21
                  Worksheet: 3-4

Week 4
Keyboard: Lesson book p. 12-13
Keyboard: Piano Time 2-3: C-D Friends
Writing:    Activity book p. 17, 19 - Find “D”
                 Worksheet: 5

Week 5
Keyboard: Piano Time 4-5: Doris has a little cat
Keyboard: Piano Time 6: C-D-E Pattern Song
Writing:    Activity book p. 19 - Find “E”
                Worksheet: 6-7

Week 6
Keyboard: Piano Time 7: D-E-F Pattern Song
Keyboard: Piano Time 8: Ti-Ti Song
Writing:    Activity book p. 29
                 Worksheet: 8-9

Week 7
Keyboard: Piano Time 9: G-E Song
Keyboard: Piano Time 10-11: Ode to Joy
Writing:    Activity book p. 25, 34
                Worksheet: 10-12

Week 8
Keyboard: Lesson book p. 18-19
Writing:    Activity book p. 30, 35
                Worksheet: 13-15

Week 9
Keyboard: Piano Time 12: Eency Weency Spider
Keyboard: Piano Time 13: Old Macdonald
Writing:    Activity book p. 27
                Worksheet: 16-18

Week 10
Keyboard: Piano Time 14: Go tell Aunt Rhody
Keyboard: Lesson book p. 34
Writing:    Activity book p. 37
                Worksheet: 19-22

Week 11
Keyboard: Piano Time 15: C-scale
Keyboard: Lesson book p. 38
Writing:    Activity book p. 37, 42, 44
                Worksheet: 23, 25-26

Week 12 - Graduation!
Keyboard: pick and learn any songs from the Lesson book
Writing:     Activity book p. 38-39, 41
                 Worksheet: 27-28

Congratulations! It is time to move on to Private Lessons!

How Do I Practice? 

You will get the most enjoyment out of class if you are able to practice!  Practice 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  Put a sticker on the practice log (Course book) each day after your practice!

We are learning 1-2 new songs each week.  Depending on your progress, you can choose to learn one or both songs.  Each week, you can also continue to review the old songs.

  • Practice each piece 3 times a day

    • 1st time: Clap and say the rhythm (Ta, Ta 2, Ta 3, Ta 2 3 4, Ti-ti, Shh!)

    • 2nd time: Play and say the finger numbers (or the letter names)

    • 3rd time: Play the song (with parent's help to point on the music)


  • Practice singing the Hello Song on youtube!

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (using Music Alphabet ABCDEFG / GFEDCBA)

  • Goodbye Song


  • Solfege: (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do)

  • Patterns: Stepping up, Stepping down, Repeated note

  • Dynamics: p, f, mp, mf, pp, ff, crescendo

It is very important to complete weekly assignments.  It help students to review new concept they have learnt in the class.  Homework will be checked at the beginning of each class.

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