Beginner Music Classes (Age 4 and up)

The first steps to learning music!

Students, especially young beginners, are often more comfortable and have more fun with other beginners.

Learning in a group can help students focus on building their initial interest in music. When students see others learning the same things at the same time, they feel encouraged and tell themselves "I can do this, too!"

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My Little Mozarts (Ages 4-­5)

My Little Mozarts is a music program specifically designed for the preschool age group! This curriculum provides a balance between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and the enjoyment one receives from the process of music making. The course centers on the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse™ as they learn about music.  Skills taught include keyboard performance, listening, pitch matching, keyboard technique, singing, rhythm, movement, and music appreciation. Children will play pieces at the piano.



Instructor: Roger, Irina, Shana, Juliette
Sessions: 12
Duration: 45mins per class (Parent participation is required)
Class Size: 3-­5
Tuition: $490 (Includes $50 registration + Tuition and Materials)

Spring Session - Classes starting in April 2018!

My Little Mozart: Tuesdays, 5:00pm; 4/3/2018 - 6/19/2018 (Palo Alto Studio)
My Little Mozart: Wednesdays, 4:00pm; 4/4/2018 - 6/20/2018 (Palo Alto Studio)
My Little Mozart: Thursdays, 5:00pm; 4/5/2018 - 6/21/2018 (Palo Alto Studio)

My Little Mozart: Fridays, 5:00pm; 2/23/2018 - 5/11/2018 (Mountain View Studio) - FULL
My Little Mozart: Saturdays, 10:30am: 2/24/2018 - 5/12/2018 (Palo Alto Studio) - FULL
My Little Mozart: Saturdays, 11:30am: 2/24/2018 - 5/12/2018 (Palo Alto Studio) - 1 spot left

*Students can join new classes up to the 4th class*