MY Opus choir (AGEs 5­ and up)

My Opus Choir (Ages 5-10) brings students together to sing traditional and popular songs in this vocal group for children. While being encouraged to "tell the story of the songs" through expression, students will learn basic music theory, learn to breathe properly, match pitches, and grow their confidence and stage presence. No experience necessary, just a love of singing! My Opus Choir performs at the Opus 1 Holiday Party and Recitals.

Instructor: Juliette
Sessions: 13 weeks
Duration: 45mins per class (parent participation is NOT required)
Class Size: 4-12
Tuition: $375 (Includes $50 registration + $325 Tuition)

My Opus Choir (Ages 5-10): 

Fridays, 4:00pm; 3/16/2018 - 6/3/2018 (PA)
*Performance will be on June 3rd, Sunday at our Summer Recital*

Spring Theme: Songs from Musicals

Performance on Opus 1 Spring Recital, Summer Recital & Holiday Party.  Please see our Studio Calendar.