opus 1 teacher Connect

The most successful teachers are those who never stop aspiring to learn and are always eager to hone their skills even further. We connect these teachers with our Faculty Mentors who have volunteered to share their insight, knowledge, and experience to help improve the quality of education for all teachers. When we all work together we can magnify and generate an even larger impact for our students. 

Opus 1 Teacher Connect is a channel for both sides - the questions and the answers. Whether you'd like to connect with a Faculty Mentor, or sign up to be one, please read below.

Also, make sure to check out the Opus 1 MusicMeetUps, hosted monthly in Palo Alto. Watch for the monthly faculty newsletter for information.  Keep reading to learn more about participating in the Opus 1 Teacher Connect!


Connect with a Mentor

Whether you're a novice teacher with a couple years of experience, or a seasoned teacher with 10+ years of experience, it makes no difference - we can all learn from each other! If you'd like to request to work with one of our Teacher Connect Mentors or request to speak to a specific teacher you admire at Opus 1, submit the inquiry form by clicking the button below. Our VP of Education will work to help connect you. Click the button below to connect with a Mentor now!


Become a Faculty Mentor

Faculty mentors must be Level II Senior faculty at Opus 1 in the area they advise in. If you are interested in helping out other teachers by providing useful information, answering questions, observing lessons to give constructive feedback, or even just meeting as friends for a helpful discussion, please sign up! We'd love to have you as a Faculty Mentor within the Opus 1 Teacher Connect program. Reimbursements for coffee and meals conducted as part of the Opus 1 Teacher Connect may be provided if approved ahead of time by the VP of Education.