Opus IO Guideline

  1. Login Problem

    • Please click on RESET PASSWORD / SEND INVITATION EMAIL button on the Account Manager’s Profile

    • Remind Customer to use the latest email they’ve received

  2. Update Payment Method

    • We accept VISA / MASTER only. No AMEX.

    • We accept Check and Cash.

  3. Client Profile

    • Please complete their profile (phone number & home address) at sign up.

    • We are only asking for payment info and names at sign ups.

  4. Comments (Client)

    • Trial note

    • EA note

    • MU note

    • NS / Late Cancel note

    • Sub note

    • Schedule change

    • Escalation

    • Refund note

    • @Teacher: Student name signed up, First lesson date

    • @Teacher: Student name withdrew, Last month, Cancellation Reason

  5. Upcoming Schedule

    • See all schedule - view past appointments

    • Cancel - MU automatically issued

    • Update - Same day time change, room change, teacher change

    • Cancel Unpaid - TMU automatically issued

  6. Credits

    • MU credits

    • TMU credits

    • Money credits

    • Use - book MU

  7. Subscriptions

    • Update Auto-Pay

    • Apply recurring discount

  8. Invoices

    • Pay

    • Receipt sent automatically

  9. Group Class enrollment

    • Go to calendar

    • Find the class

    • Enroll Client

  10. Tuition Due Notifications / Late Fee

    • 1st of the month - Your subscription payment is Due

    • Every 48 hours after the 1st of the month - Your subscription payment is Overdue

    • Late fee is added to their invoice automatically after the 10th of each month


  1. Can Opus 1 provide receipts for all payments for student name for 2018?

    • Yes definitely.

    • Forward it to Doris

  2. How to change lesson time in the middle of the month?

    • With our new system, we can only change schedule starting in new month. You will need to prepay for the new month to reserve the spot now.

    • Use Cancel / MU for remaining lessons this month

    • End Subscription (Edit end date to be the end of the month)

    • Book new schedule and pay invoice

    • Add comments

    • Never end plans in the middle of the month

  3. How to change lesson time in the middle of the month - if the changes is on the same day?

    • Use apply to future if changes is on the same day

    • No need to end subscription or rebook

  4. How to do regular cancel on the same day?

    • Go to calendar —> Click on appointment —> Cancel Appointment —> Select Staff Cancellation —> Add a reason

    • TMU is automatically issued

  5. How do I void / refund a payment?

    • Void if transaction happens on the same day before 7pm

    • Refund if transaction happens on a different day

    • VOID INVOICE if no balance is on the account

    • Need to get Manager’s approval before processing any Void / Refund

  6. How do I sell books?

    • Add to book sales spreadsheet

  7. How to process medial hold?

    • Student request to put a 5 weeks medical hold

    • May - already paid and attended one lesson (3 remaining lessons in May needs to be cancelled - on hold)

    • June - 2 lessons in June needs to be cancelled - on hold

    • 3 paid lessons in May will cover lessons after hold so we apply discount the June’s bill and July if needed

    • Prepaid the following month’s tuition to reserve spots

  8. How to use TMU to apply discount for next month’s tuition?

    • apply 25% for each lesson

    • apply 25% to next month’s invoice (don’t need to click PAY)

    • delete one TMU for each 25% discount applied to invoice

To be continued…..

Opus 1 Studio Policies FAQ

  1. Make up credits

    • Can be used with different instruments (staff needs to change the credit for them)

  2. Sub process

    • Same day TE (Email if no time change, Call if time change or need to cancel):

      • Arrange sub with full time staff

      • Arrange sub in teacher’s gap

      • Call in extra sub

    • Non Same day TE (Email only)

      • Mei arrange them, find sub —> issue TMU

      • Student can self cancel and receive a MU credits with 24hours notice (Not TMU)

      • Money credits per request if no sub is available

  3. Lesson on hold

    • Available in summer months only

    • Regular month on hold

      • Option 1: Cancel & Make up

      • Option 2: Withdraw & Re-enroll

  4. Membership Plan Upgrade (Level I, II, III)

    • No change if student is only upgrading their duration with their current teacher

      • For example, Marco students who is paying Level I tuition wants to increase from 30mins to 45mins, they are able to keep Level I tuition

    • Upgrade if change of teacher is requested by the student

      • For example, Level I students asking to switch teacher to Patty, we will upgrade their plan to Level III, no exception

    • No upgrade if change of teacher is request by Opus 1 due to teacher’s transition

      • For example, Doris (III) needs to take over a teacher leaving’s student who is level I, students continue to pay Level I for Doris as a teacher

  5. Multiple memberships - Make up limits

    • When the same students have two memberships, each membership allows 2 MU credits.

      • If you are cancelling a lesson and system shown “you have reached your MU limits”, please re-link the MU with different membership.

      • The reason is that both MU credits were tied to Saturday lessons so when you try to cancel a 3rd Saturday, it has reached its limit. You will need to tied one MU credit to the Wednesday plan.