opus notes & Incident Reports

A lot goes on at Opus 1 and we want to make sure you have the outlet and comfort level to share information. Opus Notes are designed to give you a way to communicate with management and in some cases to have a record of important information.

Sometimes when teaching a lessons, an incident may occur with a student or parent - an example might be a student who severely misbehaved, damaged an instrument, or perhaps a parent you had a conflict with. Or maybe situations arise that you just want us to be aware of - maybe a student has consistently come to lessons unprepared and you just want us to know.  We'd also like you to be able to share any conflicts or concerns regarding colleagues at Opus 1. We take matters very seriously and Opus Notes is your route to sharing information. 

Feel free to use this tool whenever you'd like and to use full disclosure.  Please take the time to use Opus Notes when the need or want arises. 

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Under some circumstances, you may wish to remain anonymous, which you're free to do. We cannot follow-up with you under these circumstances, however, nor pursue action if we cannot document the source of information. If you choose to remain anonymous, please enter "ANONYMOUS" in both the First Name and Last Name fields.
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