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Your central resource guide for everything you need at Opus 1

Thank you for being part of our Opus 1 faculty and for sharing your time, talent, and expertise with us and our students. This page is meant to provide you with all the resources you'll need at Opus 1. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these resources and use them as needed. 



Accessing your schedule and account information

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Opus 1 iO

We’re proud to offer a brand new platform that gives you access to just about everything you’ll need to function at Opus 1 (outside this Teacher Portal). Our Opus 1 iO gives you access to your schedule, profile information such as address, email, etc. and student information. As we continue to develop our Opus 1 iO, we’ll be adding several additional features that will help make your life easier.

Though the new online platform does not currently have an app, it’s very easy to add an icon to your mobile device’s home screen that will turn the website into an app functionality on your phone or tablet. Simply follow this link for instructions on how to create it.

To access your account, click this link and enter your login information. If you can’t remember or haven’t yet set up your profile, please email admin@musicopus1.com to have an invitation email sent.

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Building a thriving community of dedicated teachers is a core belief at Opus 1. We’ve taken that belief and created our Opus 1 “Workplace.” Workplace is just like Facebook, however, it’s Opus-1 specific. You create an entirely independent account using your Opus 1 email address, which in no way whatsoever is attached to any personal Facebook profile you might have. It’s only for use within Opus 1. After creating your account, join the Opus 1 Faculty group.

Workplace allows you to get event invites such as the Annual Gathering, Holiday Party, and more, as well as get real-time announcements and updates with critical information. This is also where you can video-conference in to live Opus 1 events, have video-calls with management and colleagues, receive screen-share training or watch previous training videos, and use the Workplace Chat function to chat with anyone you’d like who’s part of the Workplace group. Personalize your page with any information and images you like; share questions and get feedback or help; share upcoming performances; and more. Stay connected with a simple and familiar tool. Help is available - just ask!

Join now! Click the button below to join using your Opus 1 email address to sign up!

Event sign ups & Information

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Fall Adult Recital 2019


Sunday, November 3, 2019 @ 5pm-6pm

Opus 1 Music Studio
Palo Alto Campus

honors recital.png

Honors Recital 2019 (click here for participation requirements)

Available NOW!

Sunday, November 10, 2019 @10:30am-7:15pm
Santa Clara University Recital Hall
500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara


Honors Showcase

Available NOW!

Sunday, November 10, 2019 @12:45pm-4:15pm
Palo Alto Art Center (PAAC)
1313 Newell Road Palo Alto, CA, 94303 United States


ABRSM Exam Signups

Please use the following form for all exam signups including both practical and theory. This form will be used to follow-up with students for their registration and preparation. Email reminders will be sent directing you signup your students as the deadline approaches. Please watch for information.

Scheduling & Availability


Time Off Requests

We understand that teachers sometimes need to take time off from teaching for personal reasons. The following form is for you to use to request time off. As stated in all of our teacher contracts, we require 30-day notice. When a teacher will be gone, we need to arrange for a substitute teacher and also notify students and parents. This is why we require 30-day notice. Time off for requests submitted less than 30-day notice cannot be approved unless extenuating circumstances arise. 

It can be very hard on students when teachers are away and parents become upset if repeated absences occur. Please be mindful of the frequency and length of time off requests. 


Change of Availability Requests

Sometimes schedules change for various reasons and you may find you need to adjust your availability. The following resource page provides information about Change of Availability Requests along with a form required to submit the request. Please keep in mind that administrative staff are told not to handle changes in availability for teachers and that this needs to be done by submitting this online form. Email notifications and word-of-mouth do not suffice as a formal request, requests must be submitted 30 days in advance of the start date. 


Substitute Teaching Availability

Your colleagues at Opus 1 occasionally take time off. This means we need substitute teachers who can teach their students while away. Also, sometimes last-minute emergencies arise and we need to find a substitute teacher quickly. We strive to make lives easier for our students and their families by arranging substitute teachers while also providing our faculty with additional teaching opportunities. 

If you're interested in substitute teaching outside of your current teaching days, please click below to sign up for substitute teaching availability. Thank you for your willingness to help out!

general faculty information and tools

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Teacher Referral

At Opus 1 Music Studio, we value the professionalism and talent of our faculty as one of the most important and critical aspects of our success. We maintain strict guidelines and standards for our teachers. We occasionally need to hire new teachers to join our Opus 1 faculty. We believe one of the best sources for new teachers is our current teachers, which is why we encourage everyone to submit teacher referrals. Know someone who might be a great fit at Opus 1? Fill out the form below and submit!

$250 Referral Bonus - If a new teacher joins for 15+ hours of availability, you’ll receive a referral bonus after they’ve been on the faculty for 90 days. This is our way of showing appreciation for your additional contribution! Ready to refer someone? Get started below!

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Suggestions & Feedback

We value your opinion! Whether you want to vent, give acclamations about something you've experienced, or give general suggestions and feedback, this is the place to do it!Opus 1 is a thriving institution because of our faculty and staff and we take your opinions seriously and do our best to accommodate when possible. Of course, we can't do everything - we're limited financially and logistically but we try!


Opus 1 Teacher Connect

Have a question? Need advice? Or interested in helping a fellow teacher? We at Opus 1 believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and talent with one another in order to maximize our impact and standard of music education. That's why we offer Opus 1 Teacher Connect, a program that connects our most experienced teachers with colleagues to answer questions, provide useful tips and tricks, as well as observe lessons to give helpful feedback. Sign up to connect with a teacher or to sign up as a Faculty Mentor by clicking the "learn more" button below!

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Opus Notes & Incident Reports

A lot goes on at Opus 1 and we want to make sure you have the outlet and comfort level to share information. Opus Notes are designed to give you a way to communicate with management and in some cases to have a record of important information.

Sometimes when teaching a lessons, an incident may occur with a student or parent - an example might be a student who severely misbehaved, damaged an instrument, or perhaps a parent you had a conflict with. Other situations may arise that maybe are not critical but regard information you'd like Opus 1 to know. We'd also like you to be able to share any conflicts or concerns regarding colleagues at Opus 1. We take matters very seriously and Opus Notes is your route to sharing information. Feel free to use this tool whenever you'd like and to use full disclosure. 

onboarding & DEPARTUREs

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Welcome to Our Opus 1 Team!

We’re thrilled to have you joining our cherished faculty at Opus 1 Music Studio. As part of the on-boarding process, you’ll need to share important information and make sure you’ve completed all the necessary steps to joining us. Please follow this link to access everything you’ll need to get your start with us at Opus 1. Thanks for joining and we’re looking forward to a long and successful time together!

teacher departure

Teacher Resignations

We hate to see our Opus 1 teachers leave but understand that life events and various circumstances result in this farewell. We've created a page specifically for these circumstances to help make this process as easy as possible for both you and Opus 1. There are several important and key processes that need to take place when a teacher departs and information that needs to be shared and understood. Please set aside adequate time to review this page if you are departing Opus 1 and fill out all provided forms and complete the Exit Survey. 

Faculty Events 

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Opus 1 believes in the importance of providing opportunities for teachers to come together and share ideas, knowledge, and build relationships with one another. That's why we've created our MusicMeetUps! Held every "Third-Thursday," these events provide a casual environment for teachers to learn from each other and get to know other faculty. We also invite other local music teachers from the area to participate, so feel free to invite a guest to join! 

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Opus 1 Faculty Recitals

(date pending) - Opus 1 Large Group Room, Palo Alto
Our faculty at Opus 1 are not only professional educators but extremely accomplished musicians as well. We're proud of the talent and expertise our teachers have acquired which is why we started our annual Opus 1 Faculty Recital. Large enough to bring multiple people together yet small enough to create a laid-back and intimate atmosphere, these recitals give you and all our faculty the opportunity to share their talents with our Opus 1 community. Whether a solo or ensemble performance, we invite you to join us! 


faculty resources

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COMING SOON: Faculty Handbook

There is a lot of information that you need in order to understand how things work at Opus 1 and how to effectively execute your role. This includes information regarding protocols for various situations (e.g. what to do if there is an earthquake), accessing account information (e.g. payroll, social media rules, etc.). The faculty handbook will provide you with a thorough explanation of everything you need to know in order to function at your very best.

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Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Exams

The ABRSM exams offer both the Practical Exam and Theory Exam spanning several progressive grades. The Practical exams include the performance of 3 non-memorized pieces, and aural, scales, and sight-reading tests. The exams are a great way for students to measure their skills and advance progressively to more difficult levels. Please keep in mind that in order to take the Grade 6 Practical Exam, students must have passed the Grade 5 Theory Exam. 

Opus 1 handles the registration and communications with ABRSM and students. Teachers need only to prepare students and help relay information. Limited ABRSM preparation materials are available at both the Mountain View and Palo Alto campuses, however, the majority are at Mountain View. 

Summer 2019 ABRSM Theory sign up is available from April 1 - April 12, please sign up here.

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