Teacher Time off request form

Minimum of 30 days notice is required.

Please complete the form below and submit your request.

Once approved, please:

  • Provide the following information to the sub teacher

    • Student's Name

    • Age / Years of Playing

    • Current books / assign pages to practice during your leave

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Today's Date
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Teacher's Name
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For example: VOICE: Thursdays 9/24, 10/4; PIANO Mondays, 9/21, 10/1...
Please note that requests that extend beyond 5 days of TOR will require special approval.
IMPORTANT: Please list the dates and the respective times (start and end by) for days you're available to teach make-ups for the times you'll be gone. These are days outside of your current availability. (e.g. "Monday, June 8: 2pm-9pm; Any Tuesday: 2pm-9pm)