Wednesdays: 7-8pm (Palo Alto Campus)

Our weekly 60-minute class uses a structured curriculum and materials that will develop your talent and ability. Your instructor will lead you to understanding music and your instrument, learn to read a music score, steady rhythm and different beats, listening skills as well as theory, the science of making music. Together with fellow adult students you’ll learn several different styles of music such as classical, blues, pop music. and more within a fun and supportive atmosphere. Pieces will include both solo and group music.



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Lesson 1: Homework

Lesson 2: Homework

Lesson 3: Homework

Lesson 4: Homework

Lesson 5: Homework

Lesson 6: Homework

Lesson 7: Homework

Lesson 8: Homework

Lesson 9: Homework

Lesson 10: Homework

Lesson 11: Homework

Lesson 12: Homework

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