Honors Recital Requirements

Opus 1 Music Studio presents an annual Honors Recital to highlight the most distinguished of our students. Performance in this recital is a privilege bestowed only through the nomination by a student’s teacher.

As enrollment expands at Opus 1, we’ve made updates to the eligibility requirements for performers. Below are the new requirements for all Honors Recital participants.


  • Performers must have studied with their teacher for at least two months prior to the recital registration deadline. Exceptions will be made for students transferring between Opus 1 teachers.

  • Performers must be enrolled at Opus 1 on the day of the Honors Recital.

  • Performers are limited to one piece with a maximum time of five minutes per area of study. Rare exceptions may be made with administrative approval. Cuts are acceptable. Memorization is required.

  • Performers of all ages are welcome to participate if they meet all other requirements.

  • Performers who have missed two or more lessons within thirty days of the Honors Recital risk removal from the program.

  • Performers must be nominated by their teacher to participate. Teachers will choose students who consistently demonstrate the following:

    • Exemplary preparation for lessons with superior attention to detail, including correct notes, dynamics, articulation, and steady and accurate tempo
    • Behavioral maturity, responsibility, and concentration

    • Enthusiasm and dedication toward their area of study

    • Ability to learn their piece to an exceptional level by the Honors Recital

We are very excited for all of this year’s student performances! The Honors Recital is open to the public and all audience members are welcome to attend.


All performers are expected to wear semi-formal attire for the Honors Recital. Tennis shoes, jeans, sweatshirts, graphic shirts, sportswear, etc. are not permitted.