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As a new member of the Opus 1 faculty, you’re required to complete each of the following steps. It is essential and required that each of the following are done within the first week of your contract date. If you have any questions, please email our VP of Education/your manager at chaz@musicopus1.com.


“About Me” Form

We get a lot of questions from parents and prospective students about what a teacher’s style is, languages they speak, what contests and exams they participate in, and much more. The following form will help give our admin staff a better understanding of who you are, which will help align your own profile with the profile of your future students.

Unfortunately, we cannot promise that students will always be aligned with your own profile; but we are a school of growth and development where teachers’ skills don’t stay stagnant but instead grow and pursue new directions. This way, all of our teachers can pursue the same ambition and drive for excellence that made you the extraordinary musician and educator you have become.

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Completion Confirmation

The following form is a checklist to make sure that all documents and steps have been completed. This is a requirement for all new faculty joining Opus 1 Music Studio and must be completed within one week of the dated contract or offer letter. Any questions should be directed to your manager, Chaz Fautch at chaz@musicopus1.com.