Meet JoHn - your new guitar teacher!

We are thrilled to you introduce to you John, our new guitar teacher!

John has extensive background in guitar instruction including 30+ years of both private and group guitar teaching for students of all ages, preschool through adulthood and in all styles including rock, blues, pop, country, folk, jazz, and classical. In addition to John’s teaching experience, he is also a well-known performer and recording artist, having won two consecutive first-place awards in the Portland Music Company Guitar Competition and released more than a dozen professionally recorded albums available across iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other digital streaming platforms.

John believes in the importance of catering specifically to each student’s individual interests and learning goals. Within his available skills to share with students, he prides himself on the ability to offer a structured curriculum that can include reading chord charts, traditional staff, and tablature, and the opportunity to learn to play by ear. Lessons include playing both solid rhythm guitar and melodic lead guitar while exploring a discussion of the creative process such as basic songwriting with melodic and rhythmic accompaniment. Lesson material is supplemented with related articles, concert information, new releases, and recommendations and resources on equipment care and maintenance.

John’s students have acquired a lifelong love of music, whether in it for weekly fun, or a professional-track guitar career. Regardless of a student’s learning goals, John’s instruction provides a creative and fun learning environment for all students.