Saturdays: 3:45-4:30pm (Palo Alto Campus)


1. Recital Performance Information

  • 6/9 Session 5 6:30-7:30pm

  • Are you sleeping (English, French, German, Spanish, and Mandarin) Frere Jacques

  • Students should dress nicely, as they are performing a concert!

  • Instructions for pre-recital rehearsal if need be/check in

  • For the day of the concert we will warm up the choir briefly as well as to do some stomach breathing to prepare them to sing prior to performing, if parents can arrive 10-15 minutes earlier that would be great. 

2. Tips for practicing

Parents should have their children practicing their song at home in a daily basis if possible, listening to the music track and singing with the music video.  Parents are encouraged to sing with their kids at home and help them learning their lyrics as well as with the diction of the different languages if possible.  The Music Video also brings the song with the canon (the song sang in rounds) as well as extra languages (Dutch and Italian) which My Opus Choir will continue working on and learning in the near future. 


"Are you Sleeping?" "Are you sleeping?"

"Brother John" "Brother John"

"Morning bells are ringing" "Morning bells are ringing"

"Ding, ding, dong" "Ding, ding, dong" 



"Frere Jacques" "Frere Jacques"

"Dormez vous?" "Dormez vous?"

"Sonnez les matines" "Sonnes les matines"

"Ding, ding, dong" "Ding, ding, dong"



"Buenos Dias" "Buenos Dias"

"Duermes ya?" "Duermes ya?"

"Suenan las campanas" "Suenan las campanas"

"Ding dang dong" "Ding dang dong"



"Bruder Jacob" "Bruder Jacob"

"SchlafstDu noch?" "Schlafst Du noch?"

"Horst Du nicht die glocken" "Horst Du nicht die glocken"

"Ding dang dong" "Ding dang dong"



liǎng zhī lǎo hǔ liǎng zhī lǎo hǔ

两     只   老 虎,  两    只   老 虎

pǎo de kuài pǎo de kuài

跑   得   快,  跑   得  快

yī zhī méi yǒu ěr duo

一  只   没   有 耳朵

yī zhī méi yǒu wěi ba

一  只   没   有 尾巴

zhēn qí guài zhēn qí guài

真     奇  怪,    真   奇 怪,

(All) "Painting the roses red" "We're painting the roses red"

"We dare not stop or waste a drop so let the paint be spread"

"We're painting the roses red, we're painting the roses red"

(Card #1) "Oh, painting the roses red"All

(Card #2) "and many a tear we shed"

(Card #3) "because we know"

(Card #4) "they'll cease to grow"

"in fact they'll soon be dead"

"and yet we go ahead, painting the roses red"

"Painting roses" Painting roses" "Painting roses" "Painting roses"

(Alice) "Painting the roses red, they're painting the roses red"

"Oh pardon me but Mister Three why must you paint them red?"

(All Cardsmen)"STOP!"

(Card #3) "At first we painted them white"

"cause we thought that it was right"

(Card #1) "And we hadn't even come up on this song"

(Card #2) "But now we're in a pickle"

(Card #4) "For the royal mind is fickle"

(All Cardsmen)"And it turned out that we were wrong"

"The Queen she likes'em red and if she saw white instead"

"she'd raise a fuss and each of us would quickly lose our heads"

(Alice)"Oh my!"

(All Cardsmen)"Since this is thought we dread"

"We're painting the roses red"

"Painting roses" "Painting roses"

"Painting the roses red" "We're painting the roses red"

"Don't tell the Queen what you have seen"

"or say that's what we said"

"We're painting the roses red" "not pink, not green"

(Alice)"Not aquamarine"

(All) "We're painting the roses, painting the roses"

"painting the roses red" 


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