formal notice of Resignation

Reminder that notice must be given 30 days in advance. To submit your Formal Notice of Departure, please follow the link below. This will document your notice and begin the process of preparing for your departure. Please return to this page to review all information and complete necessary forms that we'll need to begin the transition. 


teacher Resignation

Opus 1 is sorry to see you go and we wish you the very best with the road ahead and your future. We want to make sure that your send-off goes as well as possible and that all necessary attention is given to you and your students to make this is an easy and amicable a process as possible. It is very important that you read through all of the below information and complete all necessary forms to effectively end your role at Opus 1.  

Here are a few quick notes to please be aware and informed about as we progress with your departure:

  1. Do not communicate your departure with students and families until the staff and management have discussed and planned for your leave. Please get approval before discussing this information with students.

  2. Please refrain from discussing your departure with any colleagues and staff until your written notice is received by management and you've been given approval to share this information with others at Opus 1.

  3. Reminder that students must remain with Opus 1 and student and client information is proprietary property of the Studio. The solicitation of Opus 1 clients and the encouragement, request, or discussion of students rejoining you after your leave is a breach of contract and legal consequences may follow in the event of these circumstances.

  4. Please feel free to communicate, ask questions, and be active with the departure process to ensure the best and smoothest possible transition.

  5. Please read and engage in all of the following information including reviewing the Important Policy Reminders, completing the Student Profile Forms, and completing the Exit Survey, which are mandatory for all departing teachers.

Thank you again for your time with Opus 1 and please submit any questions or concerns to our VP of Education, Chaz Fautch at 



Important Policy Reminders

As part of your time and contract with Opus 1, there are a few policies that you agreed to and are critical to the effective operations and success of our music studio. These policies are put in place to protect our students, faculty, staff, and Opus 1 as an organization. We'd like to remind you of a few policies that are in place to ensure these protections that are taken from the current contract issued to teachers. Please be aware that salaried employees may have alternative version of these policies and should consult a member of Opus 1 management with any questions regarding the conditions and terms of their specific contract.  Please take time to review these policies by clicking on the button below. 


Student Profile Form

It's important for us to transfer your students to a new teacher who can quickly understand his/her new students who've been transferred. Since every student has different learning goals, personal struggles and strengths, as well as repertoire and event enrollment, we want to make sure the new teacher can appropriately accommodate each new student - knowing ahead of time what to expect. Please click the button below to proceed to a form where you can enter information about each student that will help us make this transfer as effective as possible. We know it takes time and appreciate your dedication to your students and their future progress. 

Exit Survey

Exit Survey

Opus 1 takes operations and effectiveness very seriously, which is why we've created an Exit Survey to assess a teacher's experience with us. A teacher departure is a way for us to learn about what is working at Opus 1 and what is not working. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, which is required as part of all teacher departures. Please note that all information will be kept confidential and not shared outside of Opus 1. 

Please keep in mind that your honest and sincere response to questions will in no way impact the remainder of your time at Opus 1 in any negative way, no negative consequences will occur as a result of your honesty, and in the event you list Opus 1 as a reference with a future employer, we will in no way disclose the information you share nor let it in any way negatively impact any communications or references.