ABRSM Exam Preparation

Music Theory Performance Directions
Don’t forget that students participating in the theory exams but also know the performance directions from all previous exams. This website has developed a very useful resource that provides the terms from all of the exams as well quizzes that help to practice memorization.


ABRSM Aural Training in Practice
This publication by ABRSM is intended as a comprehensive guide to teaching the aural exams. It speaks both to the student and to the teacher, though largely geared toward the teacher as a self-learning tool. Some teachers instruct students to get it so they can learn ways to approach the exam on their own in addition to at lessons. The publication also includes specimen exercises that can be used in conjunction with the published specimen books.

ABRSM PRactice.jpg

ABRSM Practice Notebook
One of the great things about ABRSM is the funding available to expand the resources available to both teachers and students. This practice notebook is tailored around the exams and standards of ABRSM.


Music Theory in Practice Model Answers
Correcting theory assignments can be time consuming and logistically difficult. Luckily ABRSM publishes model answers to all of the workbooks. One approach is to explain the material, have the students complete their theory workbook assignment, and have them self-correct, depending on their level of responsibility. Corrections can be made in-lesson instead if it’s more functional.