Violin Rental Agreement

  1. Rental is for one violin outfit, which includes a violin, a bow, a case and rosin.

  2. The rental fee is $26 per month plus 9% Sales Tax.

  3. A $50 security deposit is due at the time of rental. The security deposit will be fully refunded when the violin is returned with no damage.

  4. In case of damage, charges will be due in full when the violin returns from repair. In case of damage beyond repair, the full retail amount will be due.

  5. Opus 1 Music Studio will upgrade the size of the violin at no additional charge when the student is ready.

  6. Customers are responsible for replacing broken strings or broken rosin, if needed. (Rosin is $5.00 per box. Strings range from $10 to $15).

  7. The customer agrees to rent the instrument(s) for a minimum of three months. The first three month’s rental fees are due when the instrument is rented; these fees are non-refundable.

  8. On the fourth month and after, the rental fee will be automatically added to the customer’s monthly invoice, which is due on the 1st of each month.

  9. If the instrument is returned, please do so before the next billing date. Opus 1 Music Studio does not prorate the rental charges.

  10. Our rental program allows customers to apply 100% of the first 3-month rental fees toward the purchase of the rented instrument, or a different new or used instrument of equal of higher value.

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